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Q: How much does it cost?

A: Staellite Packege costs €245.

SaorView Package including channels RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4 costs €195.

Combined Package costs €245.

Q: Is equipment and installation included in price?

A: Yes. The price includes Installation of Dish, Installation of Receiver, All cabling and fixing, Dish Alignment and Signal Tuning.

Q: Is the payment once off?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I get the Irish stations, RTÉ One, RTE Two, TV3 and TG4?

A: Yes. These channels are available with the SaorView Package and with the Combined Satellite / SaorView Package. To receive these channels your operator will install the new digital RTÉ antenna. This is a small 3ft antenna which sits alongside your satellite dish.

Q: Is it legal?

A: Yes. Free to Air Satellite is a term to describe satellite signals which you can legally receive without a subscription. Free to Air Satellite programming is encoded with MPEG 2 but is not encrypted and, therefore, freely available. Hence the term Free to Air.

Q: What happens if there is no signal / poor signal?

A: Your operator will check the signal and confirm a good quality signal prior to installation. If the satellite signal is poor or unsatisfactory, the installation will not proceed and no charge will be made. A signal is received in about 65% of cases.

Q: Where does my dish / aerial go?

A: Your operator will install your dish and/or aerial at the rear or side of your house. No dishes or aerials are installed to the front of your house.

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