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Satellite Package
Satellite Package

Our Satellite Package includes the following

1. Installation of Dish
2. Installation of Receiver
3. All cabling and fixing
4. Dish Alignment and Signal Tuning

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SaorView Package
SaorView Package


A small outdoor aerial can be installed outside your home or business which can be used to recieve local and national television stations for free.


RTÉ Digital went live in June 2010. Our new digital aerial we are currently installing will work now and after RTÉ make the switch-over to Digital in October 2012.

Digital terrestrial television, or DTT, is a way of sending digital signals – pictures and sound – to an aerial. DTT is being rolled out accross the country and is set to replace the current annalogue television signal which is due to be switched off at the end of 2012.

Channels available on DTT include RTÉ One, RTÉ Two, TV3 and TG4. Channels set to launch on DTT in the near future include RTÉ Three, Oireachtas TV and The Irish Film Channel.

For the full list of channels available see our Channel List here.

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Combined Package
Combined Package


You can combine the best of Free to Air satellite television with all your local channels. This package combines the Free to Air Satellite Package with the Aerial Package.

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