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Bye Bye TV Bills Presents A Spectacular Lineup for GAA and 6 Nations Rugby Fans

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Six Nations Rugby — The Countdown to Glory Begins

In the heart of Irish sports fever, the Six Nations Rugby Championship is set to take centre stage! Picture this: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales – the heavyweights of European rugby – battling it out in a rugby spectacle that’s been a tradition since the late 19th century.

Why Six Nations Rugby is a Big Thing in Ireland  

  • Historical Significance: It’s a journey through time, with Ireland standing tall since the tournament’s inception.
  • Rivalries That Ignite: Intense clashes, especially against old foes like England and France, sparking national pride like never before.
  • Culture and Unity: Rugby is a cultural phenomenon that brings communities together, fostering unity and shared identity.
  • Global Spotlight: The Six Nations isn’t just a local affair, but a globally acclaimed spectacle that elevates a nation’s rugby prowess on the world stage.
  • Annual Celebration: A yearly spectacle that’s more than just a competition – it’s a celebration of rugby talent eagerly awaited by fans across Ireland.

Don’t Miss a Beat – 2024 Six Nations Fixtures

Mark your calendars because, on February 2nd, France and Ireland will ignite the Six Nations fire at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille. Then, on Saturday, Italy hosts England at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, while Wales takes on Scotland at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

What’s on the 2024 Six Nations Rugby Menu

  • England’s Journey: Two home battles (vs Wales and Ireland) and three epic away clashes (vs Italy, Scotland, and France).
  • France’s Grand Entrance: Hosting three thrilling home matches and hitting the road twice, starting with a Friday night face-off against Ireland.
  • Ireland’s Title Defense: Three electrifying home matches, kicking off their title defence in Marseille against France.
  • Italy, Scotland, and Wales: Each brings their A-game to the mix, promising nail-biting encounters that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

2024 Six Nations Fixtures in Detail 

  • Round One

The tournament kicks off on Friday, February 2, with a clash between France and Ireland at the Orange Velodrome in Marseille at 8 pm. On Saturday, February 3, Italy faces England at Stadio Olimpico, Rome, starting at 2:15 pm, while Wales takes on Scotland at Principality Stadium, Cardiff, at 4:45 pm.

  • Round Two

Moving into the second round on Saturday, February 10, Scotland hosts France at Murrayfield, Edinburgh, at 2:15 pm, and England welcomes Wales to Twickenham Stadium, London, at 4:45 pm. On Sunday, February 11, Ireland battles Italy at Aviva Stadium, Dublin, starting at 3 pm.

  • Round Three

The third round on Saturday, February 24, features Ireland facing Wales at Aviva Stadium, Dublin, at 2:15 pm, and Scotland challenging England at Murrayfield, Edinburgh, at 4:45 pm. On Sunday, February 25, France encounters Italy at Decathlon Arena, Lille, starting at 3 pm.

  • Round Four

Saturday, March 9, sees Italy against Scotland at Stadio Olimpico, Rome, at 2:15 pm, followed by England versus Ireland at Twickenham Stadium, Cardiff, at 4:45 pm. On Sunday, March 10, Wales takes on France at Principality Stadium, Cardiff, starting at 3 pm.

  • Round Five

The tournament concludes on Saturday, March 16, with Wales facing Italy at Principality Stadium, Cardiff, at 2:15 pm, Ireland battling Scotland at Aviva Stadium, Dublin, at 4:45 pm, and France challenging England at Groupama Stadium, Lyon, at 8 pm.


Additionally, the dates for the AHL semi-finals, relegation playoffs, and the AFL finals, as well as the AHL finals, will determine the ultimate conclusion of the 2024 Six Nations.

GAA Kick-off – A Cultural Explosion of Irish Sports

But that’s not all! We’re not just about rugby – the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is bringing the thunder with Gaelic football, hurling, camogie, and handball, deeply rooted in Irish culture and history. 

February Fever GAA League and Championship

Starting January 27th, the GAA league kicks off with a replay of the All-Ireland semi-finals, setting the stage for a fiercely competitive National Hurling League in 2024 and beyond. Get ready for some high-octane action that’ll redefine your love for Irish sports!

Must-Watch Matches in February 

  • Saturday, January 27th: The AFL – Div 1 action kicks off with Kerry facing Derry at 5:30, followed by a clash between Dublin and Monaghan at 7:30. In Div 2, Meath takes on Fermanagh, Kildare faces Cavan, and Armagh battles Louth. Div 4 features Laois against Longford and Tipperary against Carlow at 6:00.


  • Sunday, January 28th: Sunday’s matches include Galway vs Mayo at 1:45 and Tyrone vs Roscommon at 3:35 in AFL – Div 1, while Div 2 sees Donegal vs Cork at 1:45. Div 3 features Limerick vs Antrim, Clare vs Sligo, Offaly vs Westmeath, and Wicklow vs Down at Aughrim. London takes on Wexford, and Waterford faces Leitrim in Div 4.


  • Saturday, February 3rd: The AFL – Div 1 features Mayo vs Dublin at 7:30, while Div 2 sees clashes between Armagh and Meath, and Fermanagh and Kildare at 6:00. Div 3 presents Down vs Limerick at 6:00, and Div 4 features Carlow vs Waterford and Wexford vs Laois at 6:00. AHL – Div 1B showcases Galway vs Westmeath at 2:00, and Dublin vs Tipperary at 2:30. Div 3A sees Sligo vs Cavan at 2:00, and Div 3B includes Lancashire vs Longford at 1:00.


  • Sunday, February 4th: AFL – Div 1 features Monaghan vs Kerry at 1:00, Roscommon vs Galway at 2:00, and Derry vs Tyrone at 3:45. In Div 2, Louth faces Cork at 1:00, and Cavan takes on Donegal at 4:00. Div 3 includes Antrim vs Offaly, Sligo vs Wicklow, and Westmeath vs Clare at 2:00. Div 4 sees Leitrim vs London at 1:00 and Longford vs Tipperary at 2:00. AHL – Div 1A showcases Clare vs Cork, Kilkenny vs Wexford, and Offaly vs Waterford at 1:45. Limerick vs Antrim takes place in Div 1B at 2:00. Div 2A includes Kerry vs Carlow at 1:00, Laois vs Down, and Meath vs Kildare. Div 2B features Roscommon vs London at 12:30, Derry vs Tyrone at 1:30, and Wicklow vs Donegal at 2:00. Div 3A sees Louth vs Monaghan and Mayo vs Armagh at 2:00, and Div 3B includes Warwickshire vs Leitrim at 1:00.


  • Saturday, February 10th: In the AHL – Div 1A, Wexford faces Offaly at 5:00, and Cork takes on Kilkenny at 7:30. Div 2A features Down vs Kerry at 1:00, and Div 2B includes Donegal vs Derry at 2:30. In Div 3A, Cavan competes against Louth at 2:00, and Div 3B sees Leitrim vs Fermanagh at 2:00.


  • Sunday, February 11th: AHL – Div 1A presents Waterford vs Clare at 1:45. In Div 1B, Antrim plays against Dublin at 1:45, Westmeath faces Limerick at 2:00, and Tipperary clashes with Galway at 3:45. Div 2A features Carlow vs Meath and Kildare vs Laois at 2:00. Div 2B sees London vs Wicklow at 1:00 and Tyrone vs Roscommon at 2:00. Div 3A includes Armagh vs Sligo and Monaghan vs Mayo at 2:00, while Div 3B presents Longford vs Warwickshire at 1:00.


  • Saturday, February 17th: AFL – Div 1 showcases Derry vs Monaghan, Dublin vs Roscommon, and Kerry vs Mayo at 5:00 and 7:30. Div 2 includes Donegal vs Fermanagh at 2:00 and Cork vs Cavan at 4:00. Div 4 features Laois vs Carlow and Waterford vs Longford at 6:00.


  • Sunday, February 18th: AFL – Div 1 sees Tyrone vs Galway at 1:45. Div 2 includes Meath vs Louth at 2:00 and Kildare vs Armagh at 3:45. Div 3 features Antrim vs Down, Limerick vs Sligo, Offaly vs Clare, and Wicklow vs Westmeath at 2:00. Div 4 presents London vs Tipperary at 1:00 and Leitrim vs Wexford at 2:00.


  • Saturday, February 24th: AFL – Div 1 includes Tyrone vs Mayo at 5:15 and Dublin vs Kerry at 7:30. Div 3 features Down vs Offaly at 6:00, and Div 4 presents Wexford vs Waterford at 5:00. In AHL – Div 1B, Tipperary vs Westmeath takes place at 4:00, and Dublin vs Limerick at 5:15. Div 2A features Laois vs Carlow at 6:00, and Div 2B sees Tyrone vs Donegal at 3:00. In Div 3B, Fermanagh vs Warwickshire and Leitrim vs Lancashire occur at 2:00.


  • Sunday, February 25th: AFL – Div 1 features Galway vs Derry and Roscommon vs Monaghan at 1:45. Div 2 includes Fermanagh vs Cork, Louth vs Cavan, Meath vs Kildare, and Armagh vs Donegal at 3:00. Div 3 sees Clare vs Wicklow, Sligo vs Antrim, and Westmeath vs Limerick at 2:00. Div 4 presents Longford vs London at 1:00, Carlow vs Leitrim, and Tipperary vs Laois at 2:00. In AHL – Div 1A, Kilkenny vs Offaly at 1:45, Cork vs Waterford, and Wexford vs Clare at 3:45. In Div 1B, Antrim vs Galway occurs at 1:00. Div 2A features Down vs Kildare and Kerry vs Meath at 2:00. Div 2B includes Derry vs London at 1:00 and Wicklow vs Roscommon at 2:00. Div 3A presents Louth vs Sligo at 1:00, Mayo vs Cavan, and Monaghan vs Armagh at 2:00.

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