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Must-Watch Free Satellite TV Channels in Ireland

Choosing what to watch on TV can be overwhelming with so many options available, from news and movies to sports and documentaries. To make it easier, start by asking yourself, “What do I enjoy watching?”

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Let’s Look at Some Popular Channels in Ireland

We’ve put together a list of free satellite TV channels in Ireland to help you decide what to watch. You can also view our full channel listings here.


RTÉ One is one of Ireland’s top channels, featuring a mix of drama, documentaries, news, and entertainment. Popular programs include:

  • The Late Late Toy Show
  • Rugby World Cup
  • GAA All-Ireland Finals
  • Irish dramas like “Kin” and “Hidden Assets”
  • RTÉ Six One News

Virgin Media One (formerly TV3)

This channel offers a variety of shows including news, reality TV, and sports. Popular shows include:

  • Ireland AM
  • News at 12.30
  • Xposé
  • News at 5.30

Virgin Media Two (formerly 3e)

Virgin Media Two provides entertainment, movies, and lifestyle programs. Popular shows include:

  • Love Island
  • Big Brother
  • Gogglebox Ireland
  • The Graham Norton Show

BBC One and BBC Two

BBC One and BBC Two offer a wide range of content from dramas to documentaries. Popular programs on these channels include:

  • BBC One: Sherlock, Doctor Who, EastEnders, The Great British Bake Off
  • BBC Two: QI, University Challenge, Springwatch, Top Gear

ITV (Independent Television)

ITV offers drama series, reality shows, and news channels. Popular shows include:

  • Coronation Street
  • Emmerdale
  • The X Factor

Check out all our channel listings.


Film4 is known for showcasing a wide array of films from various genres. It offers dramas, romances, action films, and comedies.


TG4 focuses on Irish-language content, including documentaries, dramas, and sports. A popular show on this channel is Opry le Daniel ar Thuras, featuring Daniel O’Donnell.

CBS Reality

CBS Reality presents true crime and reality TV content. Popular shows include:

  • Love Island
  • Bloodline Detectives
  • Murder Calls
  • Medical Detectives
  • Judge Judy

Explore all Your Entertainment Options in Ireland

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