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Say Goodbye to TV Bills with Our Extended Sale!

Oh, how we all love the excitement of savings! That’s exactly what you’re getting with our Spring sale. For the month of May, you get discounted prices on our satellite TV packages with a one-time payment! No pesky monthly bills to worry about.

How? Simply ring us at (01) 826 2446 and enjoy up to a hefty €100 off! 

Why opt for Satellite TV? It’s a no-brainer: Cable TV prices are quite high in Ireland with endless monthly bills that can keep increasing. SAORVIEW Satellite TV not only offers affordability but also a plethora of perks that cater to all TV viewers. Our blog on The Benefits of Saorview Satellite Television details how our TV packages allow you to choose from a variety of channels, better picture quality, and affordable and hassle-free installation—all at one-time payment 


Satellite TV Packages For You

We have three packages that suit your entertainment needs:

BRONZE—Saorview Package

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With Saorview TV Systems, you have access to 12 Irish channels. 

For €195 you get:

  • RTÉ One, RTÉ One+1, RTÉ Two, RTÉ 2 +1, RTÉ News, RTÉ Junior,
  • Virgin media 1, Virgin media 2, Virgin Media 3
  • Oireachtas report and TG4

You don’t have to worry about a thing because our certified installers will take care of all the installations within 1 hour! A small outdoor aerial will be installed outside your home or business, which can be used to receive local and national television stations for free.


From RTE Radio 1 to Newstalk, indulge in your favourite radio programs and TV shows effortlessly.

Rest assured, our certified installers will handle all installations within 1 hour. A discreet outdoor aerial will be placed for clear reception of local and national television stations.


SILVER—Satellite Package [Freesat]

This Silver Satellite TV package contains news, entertainment, lifestyle, documentaries and movies to cater to every viewing preference. Say bye-bye to monthly bills and hello to a one-time-payment offer to enjoy High-Definition quality television. With Freesat digital satellite TV, you’ll be able to stream more free channels than ever before. You have access to over 150 options, including popular channels like BBC and ITV.

For €245 you get:

  • 150 TV channels
  • 75radio stations

Leave all installations to us, including dish and receiver setup, cabling, fixing, dish alignment, and signal tuning. 


GOLD Combination Package

If you liked the bronze and silver, then you’ll definitely love the gold package. This combination package is the most popular package in Ireland!  t You get to enjoy the best of both worlds: Saorview and Freesat channels. With only a one-time payment, you access the most popular channels available.

For €345, you access channels from both Bronze and Silver packages such as:

  • RTE
  • Virgin Media
  • ITV
  • TG4
  • Film 4
  • BBC
  • Sony
  • And more 

Just like our other packages, our certified installers will ensure a top-class viewing experience with hassle-free installations.

No More Monthly Bills

As a leader in FREE satellite TV, we at Bye Bye TV Bills offer a cost-effective solution that delivers the best home viewing experience for you and your family. With us, you’ll slash your annual bills by opting for a one-time fixed fee, rather than enduring costly monthly payments with other providers.

Enjoy customer savings— call NOW at (01) 826 2446 to secure your discounted prices! 

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